My name is Harry Gwinnett and there are lots of things that inspire me, but most of all I am inspired by God's creation...

I hope this website provides you with valuable insights and resources to enhance your spiritual journey.

Explore the beauty of nature through some stunning photography and discover enlightening lent studies that will deepen your connection with God.

Join me on this inspiring path of faith and self-discovery.

My Vision

My Vision is to see people changed by being filled with the Holy Spirit,being alive with the joy and knowledge of Jesus Christ,and helping them to live out their lives, in a Godly way.

To baptise new believers and walk with them in their faith with Christ.

To encouraging a wave of new expressions within the church to reach out to the un-churched and to encourage social responsibility, justice, ethics and issues relating to the environment and to encourage social activities to help build-up our community.

To help create church life that is welcoming and accessible for all generations that will help to build family  and community life;

to facilitate teaching, worship and ministry that will equip people with a Spirit-filled life that they can take out to their families, their communitiesand their workplaces.

To promote inspiring worship that is passionate and intimate, 

culturally appropriate and facilitates peoples encounter with a living God.

To preach God’s message in a clear and concise way that is understood by everyone.

To build up an anointed leadership from within the church that is visionary, courageous and humble, consistent and full of faith that releases church members into their God-given ministries.

And finallyto encourage mission that is evangelistic and kingdom centred and concerned with justice and care for the poor.

To provide Bible-based teaching and training that is thoughtful, relevant and equips people for everyday life and ministry.

Why not take some time to stop and stare ?

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